Bradley Funerals

Arranging A Funeral

Our role is to assume overal responsibility in arranging and supervising a funeral. These responsibilities include:

Caring for the bereaved

We make sure that every aspect of the funeral is organised and carried out in keeping with religous and personal preferences, in line with all cultural beliefs and within the agreed budget.

  • We providing help support and guidance when and as required.
  • We provide relevant information and assistance before during and after the funeral

Caring for the deceased

  • We carry out all the preparations required for presentation and viewing of the body of the deceased including embalming.

Arranging the funeral

  • We organise every detail to do with care and transport of the deceased and transport of the mourners.
  • We make every arrangement and payment to do with the church, cemetery, crematorium, newspapers, florists, organists, soloists, caterers and others.